How can I provide enrichment within the classroom to students who are ready to think more deeply about content?

  • "The Assessment Handbook has unit-specific suggestions for modifying the written assessment and for implementing and adjusting the difficulty of the Open Response problems."
  • "I had an enrichment box that students knew they could access whenever they finished their work in the journals. In this box, there were the enrichments from Part 3, directions to a project from the back of the book that I might not have time to use with everyone, various routines pages like name-collection boxes, and What's My Rule, blank Math Boxes for the students to create one for others in the class to solve, and then copies of those student generated Math Boxes."
  • "Use copies from the masters section in the back of the Differentiation Handbook to find activities that extend learning."
  • "Have students record their ideas, strategies, questions, etc., in Math Logs. These could be a spiral notebook that the students keep or a binder. Students could also write their responses to Writing/ Reasoning prompts (the writing prompts that go with Math Boxes in about half of the lessons) and Exit Slip-type questions in their logs. (A master for Exit Slips can be found in the masters section at the back of the Assessment Handbook.)"
  • "Differentiation can happen during the main discussion by talking about the concepts at various levels and modeling strategies for kids. Other ideas include: modifying Math Boxes, supplying games that hit more difficult skills, and doing the Enrichment activities for each lesson."
  • "I've found that students enjoy making a more difficult Math Boxes page for another student at their level from a six box template. They correct each other's papers, too. (Blank masters for Math Boxes can be found in the back section of the Differentiation Handbook.)"
  • "Many Math Boxes can be modified into extended responses. Have students create Math Boxes or extended responses for one another. The Teacher's Lesson Guide has many, ideas."
  • "Assign Enrichment activities from Part 3 of the lesson to small group of independent workers. During completion of Math Boxes assign better students a writing question to accompany one of the Math Boxes (i.e. explain your thinking). Use Exit Slips to record "what I learned about "."
  • "Provide a fact family and a unit, ask students to write a number story using one of the 4 operations. Look for and implement open-ended questions."
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Kindergarten Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Grade 1 Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Grade 2 Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Grade 3 Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Grade 4 Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Grade 5 Interactive Math Sites to Support EDM

Enrichment Task Boards Grades 3-5

Differentiating Math for Gifted and Talented Students

Practice Through Games

Nine Activity Types

Extension Menu Template

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 5

Everyday Math Web Links
The lower you go down the list in each category, the more challenging they are for students.

Counting/Number Sense
Counting Woozies (Pictorial)
Speedy Pictures (Pictorial -this site takes some time to load, but is worth the wait)
What number is missing? Numbers from 1 - 10.
How Many?
Count the Bananas (very auditory!)
One to One Correspondance
EDM Build A Train Game
EDM Spin a Number
Ant Parade
Can you Make Five? Ten? One Hundred?
Ten Frame Bus Counting Activity
Do you know all the numbers?
What Comes Next ?
Guess The Number (Like Monster Squeeze)
Give the dog a bone (100s Chart)
Interactive 100s Chart

Comparing Numbers
EDM Monster Squeeze Game
Ordering Numbers to 100
Comparing Numbers Multiple Choice Practice
Greater or Less Than
Ordering Decimals Least to Greatest Practice
Comparing Exponential Expressions

Measure the Teddy Bears
Funbrain's Measure It
The Ruler Game
Matching Equivalent Measurements Concentration Game

Place Value
Base Blocks (Pictorial)
Jumping on the Numberline (Pictorial)
Partition(pictorial ten rods and ones)
Numbers in Expanded Form Multiple Choice Practice
EDM's Number Top-It

Place Value/Rounding
Interactive Rounding Practice
Place Value Magnetic Chalkboard (to hundreds)
Arrow Cards
Place Value (smartboard friendly)

Interactive Analog Clock
Willie the Watch Dog
Bang on Time

Teddy Bear Addition (Pictorial)
Base Blocks Addition(Pictorial)
Matching Pictures to Number Sentences
Speedy Sums
Subtract It
Addition and Subtraction PRACTICE online with feedback
Addition Attack (Addition Space Invaders)
Math Popper
Planet Blaster
Powerline Puzzle

Bridge Doubles (in order)
Dartboard Game
Robin Hood Archery Doubles
Robin Hood Doubles Beyond Ten
Doubles Concentration Game
The Table Trees (pick the *2 tree)
Two Player Table Mountain (pick *2)

Odd Even Swing
Ghost Blasters Operation Even Numbers Game
Drag and Drop
Prime and Composite Numbers

Math Fact Practice ALL Operations
Math Flash (Pictorial Option)
(or use this site)
Online Basic Fact Worksheet with Feedback
Are you a Math Magician -
Name that Number (with 2 cards)
Number Factory (this is similar to Krypto)
Make 24 (similar to Krypto - target always 24)
Calculator Chaos (Broken Calculator Game in EDM)
Go Karts (for 1 or 2 players)
Your Number is Up (for 1 to 5 players)
Bowling Pin Math (*read directions!)
Math Facts (gives a quiz and gives a practice facts list.)

Math Fact Practice Addition/Subtraction
Addition Surprise
Arithmetic Four (1 or 2 players)
Batter's Up Baseball (Addition)
Hidden Picture (Addition)
Hidden Picture (Subtraction)

Math Fact Practice Multiplication/Division
The Skip Counting Game
Spacey Math
Meteor Multiplication
Multiflyer (Multiplication)
Batter's Up Baseball (Multiplication)
Math Munchers (Multiplication)
Balloon Invaders (Multiplication/Division)
The Table Trees (Multiplication/Division)
EDM's Baseball Multiplication
Factor Bingo

Spending Spree
Matching Dimes with Money Amounts
Counting Coins
Making Change from 1.00
Underwater Shopping Mall
Piggy Bank Tetris
Money Matching Game
Change Maker
Buy It
Lemonade Larry (also multiplication)
Farm Stand

Fractions to Decimals Multiple Choice Practice
Death to Decimals Game
Equivalent Fractions to Decimals Concentration Game


What is a Fraction?
Fraction Maker
WebMath: Get a Fraction (get a visual picture)
Fraction Model I (good for improper fractions)
Fraction Model II ( numerator/denominator to 20)
Fraction Model III (numerator/denominator to 100)
Math Matching... Fractions to Models
Naming Fractions
Mystery Picture with Fraction Word Problems (by Dositey)
Flitting with Fractions
Fraction Flags
Equivalent Fractions & Comparing Fractions
Equivalent Fraction Diagram
Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Frenzie Activity by LearningPlanet ( match equivalent fractions before time runs out)
Fraction Game (move game pieces to other side of board)
Mighty Math Matching... Equivalent Fractions
Fresh Baked Fractions Activity by Funbrain( find fraction that is not equivalent to the rest)
Soccer Shootout Activity by Funbrain( addition and subtraction of fractions)
High Low Fractions (Pictorial)
Matching Fractions and Percents (Concentration)
Math Matching... Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
Math Matching... MORE Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
Math Matching... MORE Fractions and Decimal Equivalents
Math Matching... Fractions, Decimal, % Equivalents
Salon Snap Activity by BBC Maths Files ( match fractions to decimals and %)
Double Fun Match Activity (Click on Fraction/Decimal) by Funbrain (Match Fractions to Decimal Equivalent)
Fraction Decimal Conversion ( JAVA games matching fractions to equivalent decimals)
Finding a Least Common Multiple (LCM)
All About Fractions by AAA Math (Explanation, interactive practice and challenge games about fractions)
Visual Fractions
I Know That: Fractions Workshop
I Know That:Fishy Fractions

Multiplying Fractions
Fractions of a Fractions (visual representation of multiplying fractions)

Geometry - Shapes
Polygon Shape Matching (Concentration)
Space Station (like tanagrams)
Hidden Picture (geometry vocabulary)
Triangle Sort
Triangle Sort
Triangle Sort Multiple Choice Practice
Polygon and Non Polygon Sort

Geometry - Angles
Estimate the Angle Measurement
Guess the Random Angle (Can use a protractor.)
Is this a Right Angle?
Banana Hunt Game
Right, Obtuse or Acute Angles

Geometry - Symmetry/Reflections/Rotations
Symmetry Sort
Tubular Path Symmetry Fun
Pattern Rotations

Geometry - Area & Perimeter
Rectangular Area Multiple Choice Practice

Geometry - Tessellations
Tesselation Town (try to tessellate these shapes)
Quadrilateral Tessellations (scroll down the page)
Make your own tessellation!
Making Square Tessellation Patterns
Change the shape of this Tessellation

Division (and Fractions)
Sharing Cookies (Pictorial)
EDM's Division Top It

Word Problems
Thinking Blocks Addition/Subtraction (pictorial rectangle model)
Thinking Blocks Multiplication/Division (pictorial rectangle model
Math Millionaire
Math Hoops
Word Problems with Katie and Arlo
Grand Slam Math
Grand Slam Math (Multiplication & Division)
Fraction Word Problem Multiple Choice Practice

Order of Operations
Funbrain Operation Order

EDM Landmark Shark

Number Theory
Exponent Practice
Greatest Common Factor Multiple Choice
This Number is a Multiple of __? Practice
"Which Number is Not a Factor?" Multiple Choice Practice

Algebra Planet Blaster
Weigh the Wangdoodles
Algebra Puzzle

Room 108 Memory Game (this game is like SIMON only with color birds)
Bug and Flower Pattern
CopyCat Jack Pattern Game (also like Simon)
Interactive Number Grids
Number Lines (Like Frames & Arrows)

Brain Teasers/Logic
A Maze of Directions Symmetry Fun (Challenging!)
Websites to teach with...
Beach Button Challenge

Challenges (They get harder as you move down the list.)
Problems? No Problem
The Totally Mental Math Machine:

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