How can I provide enrichment within the classroom to students who are ready to think more deeply about content?

  • "The Assessment Handbook has unit-specific suggestions for modifying the written assessment and for implementing and adjusting the difficulty of the Open Response problems."
  • "I had an enrichment box that students knew they could access whenever they finished their work in the journals. In this box, there were the enrichments from Part 3, directions to a project from the back of the book that I might not have time to use with everyone, various routines pages like name-collection boxes, and What's My Rule, blank Math Boxes for the students to create one for others in the class to solve, and then copies of those student generated Math Boxes."
  • "Use copies from the masters section in the back of the Differentiation Handbook to find activities that extend learning."
  • "Have students record their ideas, strategies, questions, etc., in Math Logs. These could be a spiral notebook that the students keep or a binder. Students could also write their responses to Writing/ Reasoning prompts (the writing prompts that go with Math Boxes in about half of the lessons) and Exit Slip-type questions in their logs. (A master for Exit Slips can be found in the masters section at the back of the Assessment Handbook.)"
  • "Differentiation can happen during the main discussion by talking about the concepts at various levels and modeling strategies for kids. Other ideas include: modifying Math Boxes, supplying games that hit more difficult skills, and doing the Enrichment activities for each lesson."
  • "I've found that students enjoy making a more difficult Math Boxes page for another student at their level from a six box template. They correct each other's papers, too. (Blank masters for Math Boxes can be found in the back section of the Differentiation Handbook.)"
  • "Many Math Boxes can be modified into extended responses. Have students create Math Boxes or extended responses for one another. The Teacher's Lesson Guide has many, ideas."
  • "Assign Enrichment activities from Part 3 of the lesson to small group of independent workers. During completion of Math Boxes assign better students a writing question to accompany one of the Math Boxes (i.e. explain your thinking). Use Exit Slips to record "what I learned about "."
  • "Provide a fact family and a unit, ask students to write a number story using one of the 4 operations. Look for and implement open-ended questions."
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